10 Decoration Trends for Christmas 2017

10 Decoration Trends for Christmas 2017

Pippa Perriam

1. Boozy Baubles

We're seeing all sorts of tipples put into baubles this year, from vodka to pre-mixed cocktails. Christmas is a time for indulging, but the main dilemma with these baubles is how long you can hold off tucking into them! Don't hang around though, as one gin bauble brand sold out in 82 seconds last year!

Gin baubles

2. Wooden

After the 'hygge-mania' of 2016, there's definitely a Nordic influence taking over this year's Christmas decor trends. Get a little of it in your home with our personalised wooden reindeer. Or how about topping your Christmas cake with one of our personalised cake toppers?

Twenty-Seven personalised wooden reindeer decoration

4. Home Made Decorations

Nothing beats a bit of home made, especially at Christmas time. Try drying out some oranges and other assorted citrus fruits and creating a wreath with them - the christmassy smells every time you walk in your front door will be incredible! Leftover gingerbread men (if you're mad enough to have any left over than is) tied up on some ribbon also make a great garland.

gingerbread garland

5. FIY (Fill It Yourself) Advent Calendars

Now, there's a couple of great things about this trend. Firstly, you can fill it with whatever you want, be it chocolates (because chocolate for breakfast is totally acceptable at Christmas), small gifts or Elf on The Shelf clues. You can also keep and re-use your chosen vessel for years, saving you some money in the long term (which is always handy at this time of year!). Get the look with our very own fill your own bauble advent calendar (The Independent named it as one of their top 10 DIY advent calendars don't you know).

Twenty-Seven fill your own baubles advent calendar

6. Geometric

Christmas is usually a time for sticking to traditions, but some modern designs are slowly creeping in for 2017. If you're scared to commit, then a few tree decorations can keep it subtle, or if you're a forward thinking trendsetter our geometric metallic wreath might be the thing for you.

Twenty-Seven geometric gold wreath

7. Spruce and Fir Branches

From an ultra modern trend, to something more traditional now. Not only do these branches look extremely festive, if you use real ones your house will smell amazing!

Christmas fir tree decorations

8. Don't Forget the Pets!

Let's not forget about our four legged friends over the festive period! Luckily, we here at Twenty-Seven have a few treats to choose from, depending on how much a good boy/girl they are. Have a look at our personalised pet treat baubles and filled advent calendar (suitable for both cats and dogs).

Personalised Pet Treat Bauble

9. Table decorations

It's easy to get wound up in the preparation and serving of your big Christmas meal, but have you given a thought to table decorations? These reindeer mince pie toppers are a fun touch (if you've left enough room for dessert that is!).

Twenty-Seven Reindeer mince pie toppers

10. Modern Metallics

Gold is a classic at Christmas time, but this year it's warm coppers and cool silvers you'll find shining on the trendiest trees. And forget reindeer, penguins and polar bears, trust us, it's a narwhal you'll want to have adorning your tree this December.

Twenty-Seven metallic narwhal Christmas decorations

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